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I'am Nizar


who is simply passionate about
crafting human-oriented digital products

About Me

Designing is not just my job, it is my biggest passion.

I am the UI/UX Designer who has a simplistic and user-oriented approach with maximum attention to detail and usability.

About Me

I’m Muhammad Nizar, a 28 yo designer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I love to create new things and solve challenging problems.


User-centered design and usability are my key priorities while designing, Beautiful interface is a balance between the visual details and the functionality.


I am working at Mainspring Technology, I am responsible for UI/UX for the biggest online media in Indonesia, I am currently available for freelance and collaborative opportunities.

What I can do.

Responsive Web Design

I create stunning scalable websites. The content and visuals are adapted to the screen size of every device.

Mobile Applications

I craft user interfaces of mobile applications for the iOS and Android users' needs and expectations.

User Interface

I design UI/UX for web applications, considering the trends, user demands and technology constraints.

My Work

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